Local Call


Very early on Yosemite visualists found one way to emphasize how steep and deep the Valley is: eliminate the middle ground. I eliminate middle ground to put foreground and background up to one another, so they can talk. Local call. Not long distance.

The Present

Dear Universe:
We humans pride ourselves on how imaginative we are. Poets, novelists, painters, sculptors, posers, everybody, you get the picture.

What I want to know is, Are you imaginative? Wordsworth said so. He’s a great poet, but I don’t want to just take his word for it.


The Present Past and Future

Dear Fanciful Human:
I am insulted by this query. Am I imaginative? Indeed! Look around you. What do you see? Use your eyes. Get telescope and microscope to help you out. What do you see? If what you see is not imaginative, then to further help you out is hopeless.



Wendover Utah


During WWII Wendover UT was mostly an airbase. Buildings are still there. Barracks are still there. Airfield is still there (used mostly to fly gamblers into the glitter of next door West Wendover, NV). Control Tower is still there. I climbed it. Airport personnel said, sure go ahead. The top deck is cantilevered out over emptiness, which gave stomach something of a sinking feeling. I got Jeannette to pose down below. We climbed it a bunch of times.

The Practice of American Religion

Monopoly: National Parks Edition


We are in America.
America Loves Monopoly.
It’s capitalism’s game of choice.

McDonald’s plays it. Even the Park Services plays it.

I like to play Monopoly too, Although Aaron beats me every time

All are abstracts. Some art really abstracts. Novelist Zadie Smith thinks that very abstract abstraction is a metaphor for death. I can’t get any of my art friends to agree with this. So I offer this photo. The two rectangles are coffins. This is Death Valley after all. The blobs of light are the dead, not rising, but shining. If you are still not convinced, please submit your own interpretation by return postcard. All entries judged impartially.


Game Over