Putah Creek Tour Pedrick to Pleasants Valley

0.0 Cactus Corner, corner of Russell Boulevard and Pedrick Road.

Drove on past gentle swells made as the Pacific nudges up to North American. 2.9 South turn at Road 95 where black walnuts and valley oaks and olives gather around Three Palms Nursery. 3.8 Over Graffiti Bridge, Putah Creek’s First Great Attractor.

Parked past the bridge, off the road, and walked back to where an artist asked the Unanswered Question.

Meadowlarks whistled and mourning doves warned their kin. 4.3 Took right on Putah Creek Road and drove past English walnut orchards and through long rows of olives. Houses few. Cars few. Bikes many. 8.9 Putah Creek Road nudges up to  Putah Creek and they go together to Winters. 11.4 Railroad Bridge.

11.6 Intersection of Railroad Avenue and Main. Oat roll with dates and nuts and latte at Steady Eddy’s. Worth a stop. 15.9 Good spot to park and bird at Lake Solano. 17.1 Right on Pleasants Valley Road to 17.9 Lake Solano Day Use and Campground. 18.3 Highway 128. Store that was there is not there. Gas pumps pump no gas. Bikers laugh out loud.