Putah Creek Tour Mace Blvd to Pedrick Rd

Took Mace Boulevard off I-80 and went south. In 2 miles crossed 1949 bridge over South Fork of Putah Creek and stopped at the City of Davis’ South Fork Preserve. Address was 28875 County Road 104. Set odometer on Honda C-RV to 0.0.

Some grass, some gravel. Signs said what preservation was, and restoration. Garbage can. No toilet.  Benches absorbed morning sun. Drove back over bridge and stopped on the right. This end closer to creek. Ran out on narrow bridge and took picture of the creek.

1.4 Drove back north miles and made left on Montgomery Road. 2.4 Stopped at small overpass and peered through a curtain of green at North Fork, eternally dry now that the source brings it no water. Out of the ground rose a dark cylinder, an obelisk of old Putah Creek.

2.5 City limits of Davis, elevation 52. 2.8 Right on Regatta. 3.0 Left on Ranier and right on Emerald Bay. In two more lefts was Lillard. All this turning was beside the point. 3:8 Left on Cowell. 4.4 Left on First. 5.1 A left on Old Davis Road. Parked in University Lot 10 for a potty stop and a latte from Cargo Coffee. 7.2 Old Davis Road to Southern Pacific tracks, parked the car, and walked 200 yards to the trestle. Graffiti was worth it.

Backed tracked to I-80 and followed State Route 113 to Hutchison Drive. 9.7 At the roundabout followed sign to Campbell Road and then to Garrod and Brooks roads. 10.9 Old house on Brooks. Campus took it off life support. Putah-Cache Bioregion www.casinoscapital.com/new-jersey-relaxes-online-gambling-laws/ Project wanted it for headquarters, but Grounds refused, citing earthquake unworthiness.

11.4 A sweeping turn south and straight ahead was the dam(n) spot, the first of two Great Alterations of Putah Creek. After World War II Army Corp built levee that channeled all creek water out of the North Fork and into the South Fork. Picnic tables under huge black walnuts. Narrow paths go east and west through a veritable jungle along the creek. Wild turkeys gobbled and woodpeckers pecked and black phoebes caught flies. 11.9 Right on Hopkins. 12.9 Left on Hutchison. 13.6 Right on Pedrick (Road 98) to Cactus Corner.